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Vote Charlie Perry 

For Real Change 

Within New Bedford

I’d be honored to serve and represent 

the people of a city I love so dearly. 

Your support in this election will 

bring us all closer to uniting and

thriving as a community.


Dear Fellow Residents of New Bedford:


For those who don’t know me personally, I’d like to share first and foremost, this city has shaped me into the man I am today, grateful and proud. I have spent the majority of my life here and I intend to stay until my time is up. After experiencing Florida and California I found myself home sick, not just for family but for the atmosphere and life that is here in New Bedford. We are such a beautiful melting pot of people and cultures you can’t really find anywhere else. The food, seafood in particular, isn’t terrible, either!

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Newbury College, and a short exploration period, I came back to begin my career with the New Bedford Police Department. Throughout the last thirty years as an officer dedicated to public safety, I was able to gain experience in several fields and gather a well-rounded perspective of what we face on our streets. Of these years, eight were invested as a School Resource Officer, which really opened my eyes to many of the complaints and needs we have in educating our youth. I’m looking forward to finally being in a position to address these issues.

There have been many cosmetic changes throughout our city in recent years, but the integrity is still lacking. At the end of the day, the essential resources we need to heal, grow and thrive aren’t being provided for our people. Opportunities to pursue the American Dream in our city are currently scarce, meanwhile there’s an excess of funding not making its way down into our community. The inequality and greed is what I stand against. I believe in transparency, authenticity and hands-on duty. As Mayor of New Bedford my promise is to do my very best to see us all prosper and shine, not just the few at the top.


I appreciate your support in my desires and capabilities. Our children and families have been desperately crying out for help for far too long. It’s time for real change. Let’s join forces and make New Bedford better together. 

- Charlie

"Keeping people honest and treating people fair, that's what we can expect when Charlie Perry becomes Mayor."

- Damond Normandin

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